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Christian Divorce Recovery Coach

I help divorced Christian men and women bounce back from the pain of divorce so they can enjoy healthy relationships and find the love they deserve.

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“Coree is an amazing instrument in God’s hand to facilitate an opportunity to encounter Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God continued to minister healing for months after the sessions were done. I only wish I had access to this kind of personal ministry years ago.”

“What I learned is how God really does still love me. I learned how to forgive myself and my ex for the choices we made that led up to our divorce. Now I feel that I have a new beginning – a new start in life.”

“I went into it with such a defeated attitude. The divorce had left me feeling unwanted and unloved like debris tossed along the side of the road. But after working with Coree, I began to see things differently. I began to wear my true identity which was there all along, I just had not claimed it. I now know that I am cherished, valued, and loved – unconditionally.”

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If you’ve been through a toxic divorce, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. But there is hope. At my divorce recovery blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about moving on and starting over. From practical tips on how to cope with the financial and emotional fallout of divorce, to advice on dating and relationships after divorce, my blog has everything you need to start living a happy and fulfilling life again.

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